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You did a great job of the event. I thought it was very enjoyable and the points were made in a clear and interesting way, unlike most of these events were you normally sit down and listen to a guy raving about himself or boring you to death for a couple of hours. This was great, enjoyed the band, the yoga and the drumming which was so much fun. Your initiative is great and I'm sure will be mighty successful. 
VP, London NW2

Thanks for a great evening yesterday. It was really fun and interesting and different. Hope things continue to go well for you.                              NC, Northwood

Praesto has some very powerful techniques.
MS, Islington

I feel very relaxed. I am very much at ease with Neil. He was very attentive and explained every detail step by step. I feel very calm and totally relaxed. He was totally professional throughout. 
AW, Edgware

Nice and comfortable and friendly environment. Neil has a great personal way of being with people. I felt deeply relaxed.
SD, Chelmsford

The coach had a very relaxing manner. I feel very relaxed and refreshed and enjoyed it so much I did not feel the time flying by.
LS, Eastbourne

I was made to feel at ease throughout the session. It was an enjoyable relaxing experience. Very good advice given for aftercare and home tasks to carry out. The session was held in a very professional manner.
BS, Vauxhall

Good attention to detail and a well-paced workshop. I look forward to another Praesto event again soon. 
AS, Guildford

I left with the knowledge that I was in control of my life, not just a victim of circumstance. I definitely benefited from coming along today.
JL, Kenton

Very attentive facilitator, explanation of various techniques was very thorough. Very relaxing and calming experience.
AS, Fleet

Was a great, enjoyable experience. Very rewarding, I will take some new learnings with me.
JM, Uxbridge

I was apprehensive at first. I wasn't aware how easy it can be to relax so deeply. Good follow up advice as it can be easily fitted in to a busy schedule.
KS, Harrow

A brilliant, electrifying and high-impact session. An unforgettable experience which has definitely left us with a buzz! Somesh is a fantastic and inspiring 'teacher'. I am looking forward to being able to use Praesto again.
Nadia, Strand Palace Hotel

That a complete stranger can get a group of people who do not always synchronise to do so is wonderful to see – and especially to participate in.” Peter, Strand Palace Hotel

At one particular point, everyone seem to be drumming together, and that was very special, a wonderful experience, difficult to put into words.
Portugal Prints, London

Drumming makes you feel good afterwards for hours. I felt very positive, stronger and assertive. It makes you get in touch with your inner strengths. I would definitely like to do it more often. Even just after one session I feel l would like to do more of it.
Portugal Prints, London