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Welcome to Praesto, one of the UK’s most innovative training and professional development companies.

Be the best
Launched in 2003, Praesto has brought together a team of experienced trainers and professional development specialists. Our purpose? To change the way that training is delivered, using innovative and modern ways to get over the message and help it stick.

Our name means “to be outstanding, to excel, to surpass”.

And that's what you'll learn with us - to be the best you can be through well-constructed, goal-orientated personal development programmes.

Our method
We use all sorts of techniques to help emphasise the message. That might include drumming, yoga, relaxation techniques, hypnosis, or arranging workshops with former sports stars so you can learn about the discipline needed by athletes. Even the language we use on of some of our programmes is carefully chosen to plant seeds in people’s minds.

That means an effective development experience for you. And an enjoyable one too. 

The team
Our team of experts cover a range of subjects. We train the subconscious mind through neuro linguistic programming (NLP), neuro associative conditioning, life coaching, hypnotherapy and counselling. And we train the body through drumming, yoga, massage, reiki and sports therapy.
To learn more about our team click here.

Praesto clients come from all walks of life and business. They include private individuals, seasoned entrepreneurs, executives, high profile companies and sole traders. The company has grown rapidly thanks largely to repeat business, referrals or recommendations to others.

Thames Valley University is one of the Praesto backers and in return we contribute to its Heathrow Supply Chain project. We’ve also attracted funding from Europe for one of our projects - the Feel Karma stress management workshop. And the government’s own business support organisation, Business Link, lists us on its own national register of Business Link consultants.