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Unchecked toxic stress not only disrupts your life, it threatens your life. Dr Marilyn J Varcoe and Patricia Burnett present effective techniques to conquer stress and its harmful effects. With more than 50 real-life stories and proven methods for destressing and problem-solving, this book shows you how to feel better and improve your life. Not just a stress management book, Toxic Stress details a whole-life approach targeted at the source of your stress.

Praesto exclusive price - £11.99. To purchase this book please click the image or call us on 0870 199 3260.

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Learn about self hypnosis as a powerful self development tool in our fascinating one day workshop. Click here for more details

Stress is a killer. Yet there are some powerful ways to combat it. Like simple yoga and massage techniques you can do unobtrusively at your desk. Or drumming. Or deep relaxation techniques you could use even on the bus on the way to work. We regularly hold workshops unlocking the secrets of these methods.

From distress to de-stress in one day!

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Surrounded by emails, magazines, reports, letters but no time to read them? Learn to read faster and remember more with SuperReading. This speed reading technique could help you save up to 8 hours or more per week, increase your comprehension (goes from 40% to 90%+)  and make you more efficient and focused. Also includes an amazing memory programme.  If you like Lesson One of the course, you can sign up for the rest at a discount.  Special price on preview course for first 30 people to book - £35!  Just click the image for more info!

Think it's difficult to stop smoking? We have a technique that has had excellent results for others who thought the same. We use hypnotherapy and creative visualisation to give you the tools to kick the habit for good. Call for details.

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