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What's one of the most effective ways to create change in your life? With coaching from a professional.

Ultimately coaching is a transformational process. You gain the confidence and competence from within to perform at your best at all times. It's the equivalent of appointing yourself a team captain, confidante and supportive friend, all rolled into one. And it's a service that is central to Praesto.

Our coaching clients report significant and lasting results. They tell us that they make positive and far-reaching changes easily and elegantly, and that this transformation is enjoyable and natural.

Perhaps you need some clarity on the issues in your life. You need to get your life back in gear. Or you need to balance work and home more effectively.

Whatever the reason, there are valuable reasons to opt for coaching.

  • You focus on real issues in your life, not theory or analysis
  • You set clear short- and long-term goals for development
  • You uncover core issues that affect your performance
  • You rediscover natural resources, eg confidence, clarity, creativity
  • You start to build traits such as foresight and courage
  • You develop self-esteem and a strong sense of self-image and value
  • You learn practical ways to achieve more in life
  • You start looking forward, rather than looking back.

Praesto offers a range of coaching experiences:

Get the best performance possible at work. Our executive coaching programme is aimed at anyone who wants to make a success of themselves, whether they are a managing director or a junior executive.

Sessions can be tailored to any need, for example:

  • public speaking
  • improving performance
  • business planning
  • goal setting

Put your life into perspective with life coaching. It's a great way to balance home and work, incorporate your core values into how you deal with the world, and get a better sense of where you are going and what's possible.

The great athletes and sporting stars can teach us a thing or two about coaching for performance. After all they worked with some of the greatest coaches and managers in the world.

This is particularly true of John McGovern, the spectacularly successful former captain of Nottingham Forrest. John was captain when the team won the European Cup, and reported directly to one of the most influencial football managers of all time - Brian Clough.

Now that Brian Clough is sadly no longer with us, John is one of the few people who can pass on his manager's performance coaching knowledge and techniques.

Praesto has already worked with John on coaching and training days. And we are now developing a programme with him specially on coaching for performance. If you are interested in this programme, please contact us to be kept on a waiting list for more information.