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Need to build a team, or make your team stronger? We’ve got an ideal training method.


Rhythm is one of the most natural things in the world. It’s everywhere – from the dawn of each new day and the turning of the tides to the patterns of birdsong and every creature’s heartbeat.


Research shows that creating rhythm through drumming creates sub-sonic vibrations that influence the harmonious alignment of our physical cells, emotional state and spirit. That makes it a workout for the heart, mind and body. (See our news coverage section for more press comment on this.)


Drumming in the workplace

Cultures throughout the world have used the ageless forces of rhythm to affect change, communicate, increase productivity, celebrate success, establish unity or just relax.


And now you can use it in your company for:

·        team building

·        stress release

·        energising employees

·        synchronising thought processes in a group

·        breaking down racial, cultural, gender and age barriers.


Effective teams have two principles: a common vision and effective communication. Team Beat uses these principles to build an orchestra of music that engulfs the whole group. Individuals have a voice, yet work together. Each session also gives the perfect metaphor to discuss teamwork and communication. And everyone has a great deal of fun.

Why drum with us?

Praesto specialises in drumming training alongside our sister company, Drum Jam, which is one of the premier drum circle facilitators in the UK. Our corporate drumming programme is called Team Beat.  We have an extended client list, and our sessions are considered so effective that we are often asked back.  Clients who have tried Team Beat report improved teamwork, communication and listening skills; stress relief; group empowerment and relaxation. See our drumming testimonials for client comments.

How a Team Beat session works

Never touched a drum before? Not musical? It doesn’t matter. Your group sits or stands in a circle, playing drums and percussion instruments. A professional facilitator leads the group from the centre. There’s no audience – everyone is part of the performance. And there’s no limit on numbers (we can work with groups from 5 people to 5,000).


Hour-long events A facilitator lets the group discover its team potential using facilitation games, group leadership and orchestration skills.

Day-long events – Participants divide into teams to learn different musical pieces. They then perform them for other teams, practising their leadership and communication skills in the process.

Tailor-made sessions Team Beat workshops can be customised to your specific needs. Or we can hold them during lunch breaks, conferences, training meetings or product launches.