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SuperReading® is the one course that truly meets the needs of technical readers. Our bottom line is this: In six weeks you will be able to absorb at least twice as much information in half the time. Studies reveal people reading an average of 15 hours per week. Save HALF of that and you’ve freed up a day per week!

For technical professionals, it means getting through your E-mail and those stacks of journals piling up on your desk. And you'll finally have time to do what it talks about in your job description. You also have time for new projects. And, remember the family?

SuperReading® is a sensible, practical program that is EASY TO LEARN and shows QUICK RESULTS. There’s a complete testing package so you always know where you stand. Included is The Quick & Easy Memory Module for when you need to recall items in order. Also, you get The Rep Test. This five-minute exercise tells you what kind of learner you are (Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic; or combination) AND comes with a training package to improve all of those areas.

We focus mostly on Comprehension. The speed is there, but what good is speed if you don't recall what you read?

QUESTION: Did you ever get to the end of reading something, and discover that you remember almost nothing of what you just read?! With SuperReading®, after the first couple of days, that will virtually never happen again. What is that, alone, worth to you?

We Guarantee you will more than double your present abilities. Most people see a five to ten fold increase in six weeks.

Classes meet once a week for three hours. Ideally, there are 6 classes. The course can be delivered in one day, though the results may not be as striking.


Executives (we have a special exec. version)
People who get tons of E-mails
Readers whose secondary language is English
Anyone who reads at least 5 hours per week


Six classes (less if you prefer)
All the materials (booklets)
Access to special web sites
Testing (Memory and Reading)
Daily E-mails from your Reading Coach
Phone and E-mail access to your Coach
A Guarantee in writing that you will at least Double your incoming abilities(or pay nothing)

SuperReading® is a must if you find yourself faced with volumes of reading material. This course is invaluable for those who need to free themselves for more important tasks.


•     Efficiency saves on average 8 hours per week
•     Saves money; at least a 10:1 return on investment
•     Works great for E-mail
•     Frees up time for new projects
•     Increases Comprehension (goes from 40% to 90%+)
•     Encourages Positive Mental Attitude
•     Produces efficient employees
•     Increases focus & stops daydreaming
•     Increases confidence
•     Reduces stress
•     Memory Course included
•     Free access to time management web site

Save time and money while increasing comprehension. Master the latest skills to handle demanding reading loads. Read faster and remember more.

This event will be the entire first class of the course. If you wish to continue, just sign up for a course and get a substantial discount.