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What’s the link between the most powerful and influential people in the world? Effective communication.

Such people either personally possess this skill or have hired a support team that does. But the result is pivotal to their success. Powerful communication has helped them influence others in a profound way, all the while winning both respect and admiration.

Now you have an opportunity to glimpse into their world, and uncover the best-kept secrets of the world’s most successful communicators. In these revolutionary programmes you will learn the secrets that have only been shared by the fortunate few. Until now.

Good communication: the holy grail of business. It is essential at every level of a company, and for customers, staff and investors alike. If you’re good at it, you have a valuable asset. However, some people in your organisation may benefit from new training, a refresher course, or a new look at an existing strategy. 

Praesto’s extensive range of communications courses has two elements. We can teach you and your team to communicate effortlessly on paper, online and in the media. And we also teach you how to personally communicate more effectively through techniques such as active listening and body language.

A full service

Praesto’s communication courses come with extensive back-up. Before the session, we talk to you about your company culture and course objectives so we can specifically tailor the content to your needs. Every delegate then receives a comprehensive course manual and one month’s post-training email backup.

Get your point over

Of course, communication isn’t a one-size-fits-all issue. So all our courses are offered both as set training sessions, or you can combine different elements in a tailor-made package which addresses your company’s needs. 

Choose from the following:

One day courses

Launching a publication – everything you need to know about getting something out there. Covers research, objectives, schedules, briefing designers/photographers/writers/printers, content and feedback.

Maximise results – what does your copy say? everything you write from press releases and marketing material to reports, letters and webcopy, learn how to get your message over and maximise results.

Media training – prepare for a radio, TV or press interview. Includes role play, plus videoing of interviews to let people see their results for themselves.

Plan and publish your website – schedules, designers, photographers, search-engine-optimised copy… and putting it all together.

Short courses

These can either be booked as individual sessions ranging from a couple of hours to half a day. Or pick your ideal menu, and we’ll combine them into your personal training package. Ask for details:

·        Reader hooks, and how to make the most of them – “Headless  body found in topless bar” and other headline gems, plus how to write good leads, captions and call outs.

·        Key messages, killer facts and quotable quotes – hone the message, make it memorable and make sure people quote you on it.

·        Proof positive – learn the top 20 proofreading rules. Covers a fail-safe apostrophe rule and setting a house style.

·        Writing a questionnaire – when you survey people, you get the answer you deserve. Learn how to be questionnaire-aware, write questions that give you the right results.

·        Photographs – do you know the difference between a photo for print and one for the web? Find out on this short course, with tips on briefing photographers and getting the best picture for every story.

·        The fog index – use a bit of science to help your company get through the fog. Learn a technique that will persuade even the wordiest of chief executives to straighten up and fly right.

·        Active listening techniques – enhance personal and professional relationships by exercising your ears!

·        Grasp that nettle – handle difficult communication situations with great effectiveness. Learn when and how to respond to bad press, and when to keep a dignified silence, and assess your attitude to honesty and spin.

·        Body language – how to spot when people are telling you the truth. And when they are not. An essential tool for any manager.

An experienced team

The facilitator on our practical communications courses is Andrea Sangster, an award-winning communications professional with 15 years’ experience. In short, if you’ve got a message, Andrea can help you express it. Her career has spanned journalism, PR and publishing. She’s worked for clients ranging from FTSE 100 companies to not-for-profit enterprise agencies. And now she is a freelance consultant in editorial, PR and marketing.

Personal communication issues are tackled by Neil Shah, motivational speaker and trained in the psychology of language. His mix of uplifting message and positive semantics reinforces the lessons being taught.

Delivery method
Presentations, theories, group exercises, practical tools and discussions. Participants receive a comprehensive course manual and one month's post-course email support to assist with any queries.

Also available - publication audits for literature and web sites.

If you don’t see what you require here, just phone for details.